About Me

 My background 
Hello, I'm Louisa. I'm 40 and I'm originally from the UK although I am now a New Zealand citizen. My husband and I returned to New Zealand in 2008 having spent a month here for our honeymoon. We believe that New Zealand offers a safer and happier environment for raising children.  
 My family  
I am married to James, in January 2010 we had our son Alfie and completed our family in October 2012 with our second son Henry. We happily spend a lot of time enjoying family events and attractions in and around Wellington. We don't have family in New Zealand and can identify with anyone bringing up a child without family nearby. Alfie attended daycare between the ages of 6 and 13 months, so I can relate to the emotions of finding and settling on a childcare option that feels right. I am ready to be understanding, supportive and I hope to make the transition easier for your family.
 My service
I offer the benefits of being registered with Porse as an in-home educator. Daily I complete a Storypark online journal entry for you to read, enjoy, feedback on and share with your family near and far. 
I offer a unique set of value added services with the intention of involving you closer in our day. These include:
A family website giving families access to private pages for:
  • Resource sheets explaining how our play aids child development.
  • Calendar of events.
  • Lunchbox ideas.
  • Emergency plan and call tree.
A CBD pick up and drop off service from one central point, enabling more families travelling to and from the city for work access to my service.

My service is open Monday-Wednesday.

"Our youngest son needed more attention and stimulation than what he was getting at nursery and we were lucky enough to discover Louisa! She is seriously one-of-a-kind and we can see a difference in our son after a 'Louisa Day'."
 My vision 
I want to provide a happy and nurturing environment for our children. I want to be the best possible daycare option for your family. I believe in building relationships, being receptive, being constant and loyal. I am very friendly and caring and I want to succeed by providing an exceptional and quality service for you and your child to enjoy.
 My skills & qualifications
I underwent a change of career in April 2011 and have since gained experience in in-home education. I have completed the Level 4 National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care. I am also a qualified child first aider. I have experience caring for four children at one time, from birth through to five years of age and experience of caring for school age children additionally. 
I have many skills that help with my role, besides being a mum I have excellent organisational, time management and multi-tasking skills, plus great communication skills and a professional attitude.

I am always up skilling and attend Porse professional development workshops and courses. Day to day I am always trying to learn and apply new skills.