Family Testimonials

I'm fortunate to have worked with some wonderful families and great kids. I'm even more fortunate that they have some lovely things to say about me and my service, the opportunities and the environment that I provide. There's plenty that I can say to promote myself but who better to promote me than the parents of the kids I love to care for.
Please take a look at some of their positive comments below.

A home enriched with learning opportunities.

posted 15 Oct 2019, 17:51 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 15 Oct 2019, 17:52 ]

At the end of Lowri's first day with Louisa she was happy, chatty and full of stories of a wonderful day dressing up, reading books and a trip to the botanical gardens. Wednesday's quickly became Lowri's 'very best day of the week'! As parents we mirrored Lowri's enthusiasm for her date at Louisa's each week; we knew Lowri would be well cared for and come home enriched with learning opportunities and plenty of play time with friends. It's normal to feel a little guilty when your child goes to childcare, but I have no doubt that my daughter was far from missing out when we went off to work. Louisa provides an exceptionally high standard of care at her lovely home and has my daughter's best interests at heart, as if she was her own child. Lowri came home happy, confident, clean and enthusiastic to share details about her fun filled day. The weekly trips to the library, botanical gardens, the zoo, Te Papa and other fabulous places were managed safely and with fun and learning a priority. We would highly recommend Louisa's services without any hesitation.

A supportive and caring environment, providing fantastic learning opportunities

posted 16 Aug 2019, 17:23 by Louisa Picker

Our daughter has been with Louisa since she was 12 months old and she is now about to start school.

Louisa provides a supportive and caring environment for the children in her care. The relationship E has with Louisa, her boys and the other children is such a special one. They are a tight knit little group who look out for each other. Louisa has nurtured thoughtful, inclusive and caring interactions between the group. Louisa provides fantastic learning opportunities and they go on outings all over the city. Favourites are Zealandia, the Zoo, Te Papa, visits to see Zappo the magician and trips to the beach. All are greeted with curiosity and enthusiasm. Louisa has supported E in readiness for school and encouraged her individual interests. Over the last 4 years I have seen my toddler grow into a confident, inquisitive and happy girl.  Her time at Louisa’s has definitely played a part in creating this content little individual.

I would absolutely recommend Louisa and we will continue to stay in touch.

"It'll be the best thing you ever do!"

posted 16 Jul 2019, 00:14 by Louisa Picker

Our daughter thinks so highly of Louisa that she chose to make her a mother's day card this year, for her 'second mum'. I think that sums up how special Louisa is!

After a terrible time at a large ECE centre we were nervous about trusting one person to look after our daughter. Louisa came highly recommended, as one of the other mum's said to me "It'll be the best thing you ever do!". And boy, was she right! Louisa takes incredible care of our daughter, and our family. 

Louisa takes the children on amazing outings, they go all around Wellington getting to know the city and learning more about the environment and our community. Louisa keeps us in the loop of what our daughter is up to each day with photos and stories. We love seeing all the fun she is having!

Louisa takes the time to incorporate Te Reo words and events into the day which we really appreciate. It's lovely to hear our daughter singing songs in Te Reo and telling us all about Matariki. Louisa also takes the time to increase her own education, choosing to complete additional study.

Louisa doesn't just take care of our daughter. She supports our whole family. She has been wonderful at helping us through different stages, from toilet training advice, separation anxiety and the arrival of our second child. 

I really can't recommend Louisa highly enough. She is amazing, she really cares about our daughter and we would be lost without her!

We have been with Louisa for 6 years and counting!

posted 10 May 2017, 00:38 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 10 May 2017, 00:39 ]

Louisa is an amazing caregiver and educator. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

First with Kalina and then with Skye, we have been with Louisa for six years now…and counting. Both our daughters have thrived under her care. They have been enriched by her love and attention as well as the exciting and educational range of experiences that Louisa has provided.

As parents, Louisa has gained our absolute trust. A wonderful peace of mind, something we didn’t have prior to meeting her when Kalina was at other childcare providers. For Louisa, this is not merely a job, she is wholeheartedly invested in providing the best possible care for her children.

So, despite moving 30 kilometres away from the area four years ago, we could not imagine anyone else looking after our girls. We gladly commute to the city so that Skye can have the continued benefit of Louisa’s wonderful care.

We also greatly appreciate the effort that Louisa puts into making us feel involved in our child’s day, through the photo and video updates she sends us and the written daily journal.

Our family is incredibly lucky to have Louisa in our lives!

'Reference for the amazing Louisa Picker'

posted 26 Mar 2017, 13:00 by Louisa Picker

My now 3.4-year-old daughter has been in the incredible care and education of Louisa for 2 years. 

The other day my 10-year-old said when she grew up she wanted to be a Home Educator.  When I asked her why, she said “Because Louisa makes it look so much fun”.  This, I believe is the best testimony of all. As you can imagine she wishes she could have gone to Louisa when she was little too!

As an Early Child Educator, I have worked in a variety of ECE settings alongside many wonderful teachers.  The programme which Louisa delivers to the children and families in her service is personalised and second to none.  Wellington has been my daughter’s classroom, there is no end to the experiences and opportunities which Louisa makes happen for the children in her service.

Louisa delivers a child led programme, encompassing and respecting the different needs, interests and routines of all the children in her care. 

There is an inclusive, empowering culture evident in Louisa’s service. Basically, Louisa cares.  And this shows in everything she does and the environment that she builds for the children lucky enough to be with her.

My husband and I enjoy looking at the Daily Programme Journal which documents every day and every significant event in our daughters’ development.  She has had great, enriching experiences and relationships, and Louisa takes the time not only to create the opportunities for these experiences, but to chronicle and photograph them so that her parents can enjoy them too.

There is no doubt that our daughter is a brighter, more confident and outgoing person because of how she has been supported to explore and stretch her boundaries by Louisa. 

We would not hesitate to place any other young child we might have with Louisa, were we lucky enough to have that opportunity.  We would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone considering placement of their child in In-Home care.  She is simply the best and we can’t thank her enough. x 

Toni and David (March 2017)

'A loving and individualised approach - so much more than just childcare'

posted 26 Mar 2017, 12:55 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 26 Mar 2017, 13:02 ]

My daughter went to Louisa when she was 2 and stayed with her right up until she went to school. Being with Louisa and the other children was such a positive experience for both myself and Isobelle. Louisa always made everything easy, she always went above and beyond to help us out and make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible (and being a single mum working as a nurse, things did NOT always run smoothly!). I honestly count my lucky stars every day that Isobelle got to spend these years in such a loving and stimulating environment. Louisa treats all her children as if they were her own, and she is so much more than just childcare. When Isobelle turned four, I decided to keep her with Louisa instead of going to Kindy, and it was such a positive decision. Louisa was brilliant at ensuring the kids had activities; outings; learning experiences; and exposure to social situations; in what I personally think was a much more loving and individualised approach than any Kindy could offer. Louisa has had a huge input into Isobelle's formative years, and I couldn't have found someone better.

'Louisa Days' are full of fun and imagination

posted 21 Mar 2017, 15:59 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 21 Mar 2017, 15:59 ]

Our youngest son needed more attention and stimulation than what he was getting at nursery and we were lucky enough to discover Louisa! She is seriously one-of-a-kind and we can see a difference in our son after a 'Louisa Day' - he's full of conversation and imagination! Louisa keeps to a routine the kids enjoy - but within that routine there is always an exciting excursion to learn something new... be it a trip to StoryTime at Te Papa, a visit to a fire station, or simply discovering beasties at the local park. My youngest LOVES 'Louisa Days' - he's developed great friendships and has really settled in to the gang. An added bonus is we get a daily report with photos in his Porse book, so we can see what they have all been up to! If you're looking for the best day care where your kids can learn in a friendly and safe environment, then we can't recommend Discover Kids enough.

Thriving with kindness and playfulness

posted 27 Apr 2015, 23:16 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 27 Apr 2015, 23:36 ]

We contacted Louisa after viewing her profile and thinking that she would just 'click' with our family and wee man. At that stage Louisa was fully booked (due to her awesomeness) but as soon as a place came up she contacted us and we trialled a few play dates with our wee man, Connor, aged 2 and a bit. Connor fitted in so well with Louisa's other children and we really appreciated Louisa's approach and calm nature. 

Since then, Connor has thrived with Louisa and his behaviour has changed for the better. Before Louisa, he was struggling with big groups of children and asserting his dominance. Louisa has shown him that he doesn't need to use force to get what he wants, but rather that it is fun and important to share. He is so happy with Louisa and we feel that she is helping to show him the values that we want him to be raised with - kindness, sharing and playfulness. Any parent would be so lucky to get a place with Louisa and her children. 

Nearly every day they have some kind of outing (don't know how she does it!) in her 'space ship car' as Connor has named it. At the end of every day, Connor comes home with photos and a story about what they've done that day. This makes us as parents feel so included in his activities and enables us to be able to discuss these with him and build on any ideas/ things they may have done that day. 

Keeping out of town family 'in the loop'

posted 9 Oct 2014, 19:09 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 27 Apr 2015, 23:37 ]

I am very happy to recommend Louisa and Discover Kids to anyone looking for a caring and very efficiently run daycare for their child/children in the Wellington area.  Louisa has looked after Sam, our grandchild, since he was five months old and, as we live in the UK, I can rest assured he is well taken care of and, just as importantly, happy in her care.  Louisa offers an educational and fun environment in home which is very well equipped for this purpose in Ngaio. The children enjoy numerous trips out during the week to fun locations and also opportunities to learn life skills.  Louisa's daily updates, photos and comments mean that we can see just what Sam is doing enabling us to feel "in the loop" and part of Sam's life on the other side of the world! Highly recommended.  

Teaching fantastic values

posted 26 Jan 2014, 15:11 by Louisa Picker

I moved my daughter from a daycare facility (which was great), to Louisa nearly a year ago. It was the best decision I have made! The amount of effort and thought Louisa puts in with the children is amazing, there is always something going on that is fun and educational. My daughter has learnt so much during her time with Louisa. I also believe Louisa is teaching her fantastic values which are in line with my own, & I see these being expressed consistently which makes me very proud. We love her!

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