A home enriched with learning opportunities.

posted 15 Oct 2019, 17:51 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 15 Oct 2019, 17:52 ]
At the end of Lowri's first day with Louisa she was happy, chatty and full of stories of a wonderful day dressing up, reading books and a trip to the botanical gardens. Wednesday's quickly became Lowri's 'very best day of the week'! As parents we mirrored Lowri's enthusiasm for her date at Louisa's each week; we knew Lowri would be well cared for and come home enriched with learning opportunities and plenty of play time with friends. It's normal to feel a little guilty when your child goes to childcare, but I have no doubt that my daughter was far from missing out when we went off to work. Louisa provides an exceptionally high standard of care at her lovely home and has my daughter's best interests at heart, as if she was her own child. Lowri came home happy, confident, clean and enthusiastic to share details about her fun filled day. The weekly trips to the library, botanical gardens, the zoo, Te Papa and other fabulous places were managed safely and with fun and learning a priority. We would highly recommend Louisa's services without any hesitation.