A supportive and caring environment, providing fantastic learning opportunities

posted 16 Aug 2019, 17:23 by Louisa Picker

Our daughter has been with Louisa since she was 12 months old and she is now about to start school.

Louisa provides a supportive and caring environment for the children in her care. The relationship E has with Louisa, her boys and the other children is such a special one. They are a tight knit little group who look out for each other. Louisa has nurtured thoughtful, inclusive and caring interactions between the group. Louisa provides fantastic learning opportunities and they go on outings all over the city. Favourites are Zealandia, the Zoo, Te Papa, visits to see Zappo the magician and trips to the beach. All are greeted with curiosity and enthusiasm. Louisa has supported E in readiness for school and encouraged her individual interests. Over the last 4 years I have seen my toddler grow into a confident, inquisitive and happy girl.  Her time at Louisa’s has definitely played a part in creating this content little individual.

I would absolutely recommend Louisa and we will continue to stay in touch.