"It'll be the best thing you ever do!"

posted 16 Jul 2019, 00:14 by Louisa Picker
Our daughter thinks so highly of Louisa that she chose to make her a mother's day card this year, for her 'second mum'. I think that sums up how special Louisa is!

After a terrible time at a large ECE centre we were nervous about trusting one person to look after our daughter. Louisa came highly recommended, as one of the other mum's said to me "It'll be the best thing you ever do!". And boy, was she right! Louisa takes incredible care of our daughter, and our family. 

Louisa takes the children on amazing outings, they go all around Wellington getting to know the city and learning more about the environment and our community. Louisa keeps us in the loop of what our daughter is up to each day with photos and stories. We love seeing all the fun she is having!

Louisa takes the time to incorporate Te Reo words and events into the day which we really appreciate. It's lovely to hear our daughter singing songs in Te Reo and telling us all about Matariki. Louisa also takes the time to increase her own education, choosing to complete additional study.

Louisa doesn't just take care of our daughter. She supports our whole family. She has been wonderful at helping us through different stages, from toilet training advice, separation anxiety and the arrival of our second child. 

I really can't recommend Louisa highly enough. She is amazing, she really cares about our daughter and we would be lost without her!