Thriving with kindness and playfulness

posted 27 Apr 2015, 23:16 by Louisa Picker   [ updated 27 Apr 2015, 23:36 ]
We contacted Louisa after viewing her profile and thinking that she would just 'click' with our family and wee man. At that stage Louisa was fully booked (due to her awesomeness) but as soon as a place came up she contacted us and we trialled a few play dates with our wee man, Connor, aged 2 and a bit. Connor fitted in so well with Louisa's other children and we really appreciated Louisa's approach and calm nature. 

Since then, Connor has thrived with Louisa and his behaviour has changed for the better. Before Louisa, he was struggling with big groups of children and asserting his dominance. Louisa has shown him that he doesn't need to use force to get what he wants, but rather that it is fun and important to share. He is so happy with Louisa and we feel that she is helping to show him the values that we want him to be raised with - kindness, sharing and playfulness. Any parent would be so lucky to get a place with Louisa and her children. 

Nearly every day they have some kind of outing (don't know how she does it!) in her 'space ship car' as Connor has named it. At the end of every day, Connor comes home with photos and a story about what they've done that day. This makes us as parents feel so included in his activities and enables us to be able to discuss these with him and build on any ideas/ things they may have done that day.