Our Days

We enjoy a wide range of activities, be it excursions or in our home environment. All of these activities are relevant to Te Whaariki and are learning experiences that help our children develop and make vital connections. We attend Porse play groups, music groups, organised outings, take advantage of spontaneous opportunities and most of all we have fun together!
Here's a glimpse of some of the things we have enjoyed. You can also take a look at some of the regular Wellington Activities we attend and follow the Discover Kids Facebook page to keep track of what is coming up in Wellington and experience Discover Kids from the outside (until you can join our precious and special group!).
Most of all we love our friends & hugs
We experiment with new games

We garden (or try to!)

We attend library Story Time
We enjoy our local parks
We collect things

We look at letters 

We cook
We enjoy exhibitions
We've sat in a helicopter!
We have a SUPER time together

We have picnics in interesting places 
We've ridden miniture trains
We are regulars at Te Papa
We drive around Tiny Town
We blow bubbles
We make believe

We learn what's right (and left)

We attend Porse organised outings

We invent ways to learn

We celebrate with friends

Big or small, we care for each other

Some times we have quiet time

It doesn't matter who grows up and moves on....

We think outside and in the box

Try our hand at face paints!

And music groups

We respect and enjoy our surroundings

We discover things

We try new things

We play sports
We make music

We've sat in a fire engine!

We attend school holiday activities

We are zoo pass holders
We ride the Cable Car (even drove it!)

We go to play groups

We attend Porse's Nature Playschool

We've ridden big trains
Access toy library resources
We go on nature walks

We dig... a lot!

We face personal challenges together

We show our appreciation of others

We lend a helping hand

We look at things in different ways

....because we have a lasting friendship that we hold on to....

We work with our surroundings
And enjoy cultural activities

We choose library books and read lots

We are inspired by the beauty of nature
We create things

We build things

 We enjoy the outdoors

We explore the seasons
Even squirted the hose!

We've learnt to swim and survival skills

We are Star Pass holders

Gained confidence at Tumbling Tots

We play at home 

We've harnessed the Wellington wind
We've biked all over the gardens
We attend plays for children
We bounce around Junglerama
We feed the ducks, they are old friends
We have fun!

We laugh a lot!

Make sure everyone has what they need

We love each other

....because our group is a family.