Our Group

We are a fun, loving, little group of four pre-schoolers. It is made up of a maximum of two under-2s at any one time and over-2s.
Our group is currently made up of 2 and 3 year olds - with my sons Alfie (7 years old) and Henry (5 years old) joining us for a short time after school. 

The children love playing together and are firm friends but they are also welcoming of new children and social in larger groups. We have friendships in the community and we meet with similar aged children regularly. We also have a strong bond with past Discover Kids and the children that have grown up and moved on from my service meet up with us regularly, forming our extended family. 

The mix of ages in our group replicates a family environment where everyone learns from one another regardless of age. We have helped many only-children share, helped older children get ready for school and helped those expecting siblings prepare and provided them with support and consistency.

The younger kids love to watch and play with the older children, learning a great many things from their older 'siblings'. In turn they are loved and cared for by the bigger kids, their presence helps teach the older ones about playing gently and looking after others.
"Before Louisa, (our son) was struggling with big groups of children... Louisa has shown him ... that it is fun and important to share."