Collection Service

In order to offer a competitive service that appeals widely to families in the Wellington area travelling to or from the CBD for work, a pick up and drop off service can be negotiated.

For families unable to travel to Khandallah daily the collection is available from one central point in the city close to Wellington bus and train stations and many businesses. The chosen location is Sipriana Cafe on Thorndon Quay where free parking is easily available and there is a play area for the children during our short stop. It also offers fantastic coffee for tired parents! From here we begin our day (therefore promptness is appreciated).

This service offers Wellington families the best of both worlds - convenience for work whilst the children enjoy our Ngaio home with space, green areas, a well equipped garden and lots of room for resources.

I have an 8-seater MPV for the comfort and safety of your child. The 'spaceship doors' are a big hit with the kids as we count "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF" and take off for our fun-filled day. It's other alias is the 'Fun Bus' because it's filled with children, music, fun and laughter!