My Home

My home is on Rangoon Street in Khandallah.

Rangoon Street is a short 10-15 minute drive from Wellington train and bus stations and is an inner-city suburb neighbouring Wellington's CBD, convenient for many businesses.

Our environment is thoroughly child proofed, the Ministry of Education have licensed my premises and conducted a health and safety inspection.

The children have a play room with lots of resources to encourage play, creativity, imagination, exploration, discovery, numeracy and literacy. Including a play house, play kitchen, easy access to books, puzzles, building blocks, dress ups and toys to stretch interests. We aren't contained by the play room however, the children enjoy expanding their interests and enjoy the flow of the house, which benefits from an easy access to our fantastic and large, flat, fully fenced garden complete with outdoor resources.

The house is within easy reach of local parks and libraries, it is also just a short distance from attractions and events held in the city that we attend regularly.