Storypark Online Journal

I create detailed stories full of photos to document your child's preschool journey for you to view, comment and most of all - enjoy!

Storypark is an online journal so you can invite family members from anywhere in the world to view your child's adventures, this way they can stay up to date and feel connected. The stories are linked to learning outcomes and the curriculum so you can see how your child's day and play relates to learning.

I have received such positive feedback from families about Storypark, it contributes an additional layer of community to our precious little group.

My personal favourite of Storypark is I also get feedback from family members out of town that I haven't met, I feel part of your family and your family feels part of our group - which, of course, they are!

"Looks like a great day. (Our daughter) is always so excited when she tells me about her day." "It's so cool getting these updates during the day. Thanks!Family Testimonial

An example of a Storypark entry: